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Help Jack to escape from the volcano where he is trapped in this fast, hand-crafted, 2d platformer.


We have just released a demo with 5 levels available and an online ranking. Feel free to download it and, if you want, give us some feedback, they are precious for us.


Jack did it, he finally realized his dream of becoming a researcher, but something sadly went wrong... It seems that this will be his first and last research... Unless... Can you help him get out of trouble? It will be a very challenging journey!


  • Adrenalinic and precise platformer in pixel art.
  • Dangerous traps to avoid scattered along the paths.
  • Get the collectibles  for a better score.
  • Local and Online records to compare with players all over the world, the game is very suitable for speedrun.


Go up from the dephts of the volcano, level after level, using fast and precise platformer mechanics and avoiding the dangers along the way such as: lava, fireballs, hot geysers and many more. But be careful not to end the oxygen, which is missing due to the eruption, that must be continually refilled by using the emergency tanks scattered throughout the levels. Also try to recover the collectibles to get a better score, especially the precious research documents.

And more to come! The game is in development and we need your feedback : )


Follow the progress of the game and give us feedback on:





For the complete changelog,  visit the forum page:

Devlog Forum


DreamOnGames are:

AceOfSpad3s: Artist

L3on: Programmer

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Saving Doc Jack, my not saving...

Thank you for playing our game

You're welcome!

Pretty nice demo! enjoyed it alot!

Thank you!


Fun demo. I liked that the lava isn't too in your face but still puts pressure on Jack. :) 


Thank you for playing our demo


Pretty good, smashed my controller a few times on it. but i liked it actually


Glad you liked it :)